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Dollar Per Guardsman Fund Drive Kicks Off


The National Guard Association of Oklahoma Scholarship Foundation fund drive was kicked off with the October 2013 drill and will continue through February 2014.  Each unit’s goal is based on a one-dollar donation from each guard member in the squadron.  If everyone gave a dollar it would cost them less than ten cents per drill.  Every dollar contributed to the NGAOK Scholarship Foundation goes directly to a guardsman or their dependent that is pursing a college education.

The NGAOK scholarships supplement the tuition waiver by paying additional college fees such as books, lab fees and other college expenses.

In the past Ten years, 213 scholarships have been awarded.  The NGAOK Scholarship Foundation set a goal of funding at least 25 scholarships statewide this year, but, the number of scholarships awarded is based on the money available to award. Scholarships are awarded  in the amount of $500.00 and $1,000.00 These NGAOK scholarships are available on a yearly basis.  The scholarships are available for both undergraduate and post-graduate studies.  To be eligible you must be a NGAOK member or dependent of a NGAOK member and most important, you must apply by the deadline.

Scholarships are awarded based on grades, community and school involvement, and leadership potential.  Scholarship winners are chosen by an independent selection board from an Oklahoma College or University to eliminate possible bias from Guard members.   We are most appreciative for the outstanding work Rose State provided us in selecting last year’s winners.

Scholarship applications will be available on the NGAOK website at, and must be postmarked by January 31, 2014.  Winners of the scholarship will be announced at the Annual NGAOK Business Meeting in the spring.

6500 N Kelly Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Tel. 405-475-2452

 Academic Year 2014


Dear Scholarship Applicant;

Thank you for your interest in applying for a scholarship sponsored by your National Guard Association of Oklahoma Scholarship Foundation, the National Guard Association of Oklahoma, Foundation friends, and corporate sponsors. It is indeed a privilege and pleasure to welcome your commitment to furthering your education, and your interest in the National Guard Association of Oklahoma Scholarship Foundation.

To ensure your opportunity in being a viable candidate for a Foundation scholarship, appearing below are some guidelines that are extremely important as you complete your application for scholarship consideration.

Beginning with the 2014 Scholarship Drive, the National Guard Association of Oklahoma scholarship Foundation will begin offering a separate scholarship program for the primary next of kin and surviving children of Oklahoma National guard Members that died as a result of combat on or after September 11, 2001. Primary next of kin are considered Life Members of the Oklahoma National Guard Association for purposes of qualifying for this scholarship category. 



  • You or your sponsor (if you're a dependent) must be a member of the National Guard Association of Oklahoma (NGAOK). Proof of membership must be provided with each application. This is not the same as being a member of the Oklahoma National Guard. An individual's National Guard Association status can be checked by contacting his/her local unit's NGAOK representative, or the NGAOK Association office at 405-475-2152.
  • All spaces on the application should be filled out. If a section does not apply, simply print or type N/A (not applicable) in the space.
  • Parts III through VII are important and each should be carefully considered and completed to the best of your ability.
  •  Part VI, Questions 6 & 7, (ACT/SAT scores) are very important-make sure you supply this information.
  •  Applications should be neatly printed or typed, preferably typed.
  •  Applications must be postmarked by the deadline noted on the application- no exceptions.


Hopefully, the tips outlined above will help you in being a more viable candidate in your search for financial   assistance to pursue your educational goals.  Good luck in your educational endeavors, now and in the future.


Your National Guard Association of Oklahoma Scholarship Foundation